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Radio Free New York stayed dormant for quite some time while we all pursued other interests. It seemed for all intents and purposes that the days of programming merriment were over forever. Hank and Jim were in a couple of different bands, I was working in engineering and everyone had blissfully "moved on". During this time I decided to start archiving all the old stuff from days gone by - some clippings, some photos, and the tapes. Hundreds of tapes. I was also trying to archive my personal tape library...just a mere few hundred or so!

It was probably late 2003 or early 2004 when Hank told me that he was interested in bringing back Radio Free New York. There was an opening once again on WBCQ that could be used, plus a chance to do a web cast via a site started up by some of the old RNI crew. Radio Free New York would be back once again!

Early in 2005, the show was re-christened The All New Hank and Jim Show. I really like this title, because it makes me think of those big variety shows of the 70s (like The All-New Brady Bunch Goodtime Fun Hour) for some reason - but that's me, I'm warped!

Although the shows no longer air on WBCQ, Hank and Jim have started their own internet radio network! The Hank and Jim Network is now on seven nights a week at 9PM ET and can be viewed on our home page!

Of course, I didn't want to see the old Radio Free New York just fade away - especially since we fought so hard for that name back in the WWCR days - so every Wednesday night at 9PM ET I bring you the Radio Free New York show - all the music, fun and assorted nonsense you've come to know and love.

The Tuesday night show is part of the OFFSHORE MUSIC RADIO.COM lineup! OMR brings the best of the classic European pirates back to the airwaves via the Internet, and now Hank and Jim being the best of the US on-shore pirates to their site with the usual brand of music, fun and insanity!

So, amazingly...after all this time and all these years, the insanity goes on and on. You can hear Hank and Jim LIVE Tuesday and Friday nights at 9PM ET and you can hear Pete Sayek Wednesday nights at 9PM ET! Be sure to also check out the Hank and Jim Pod-O-Matic Archive!

That's my little chunk of underground radio history - hope you enjoyed reading about it! Now, check out some of the Audio Archive and on-going WHOT Archive! Don't forget to check out the cool links below - there MAY be a pop quiz!




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