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Welcome Aboard!

Greetings and salutations...you've surfed in to the world-famous Radio Free New York web site and southern style B-B-Q - home of the WHOT and Brooklyn Pirate Radio Archive (and the best damn hot wings around)!

What is Radio Free New York?

I've been wanting a place to hang my hat and share thoughts, memories and nonsense with folks for quite some time now, but I never could come up with a way to present it in a way I was happy with.

I guess things finally started to come together a few years ago when I started going through the vast amount of tapes that made up the archives of (in)famous Brooklyn pirate station WHOT-AM and FM (where I spent many a weekend doing questionably legal things). Initially, my hope was to get copies of the shows for myself, but I quickly realized that what I had before me was a huge piece of Pirate Radio history.

Many of the earlier tapes (pre-1984) were in poor condition and needed a lot of TLC to get good digital transfers out of them. Since the tapes have been moved and shared and moved again over the years between Hank, Jim and myself, the easiest method for doing this was to just do the tapes as we found them, rather than try and get them all in one place first.

Amazingly, the project is chugging along nicely. There's something bizarre about re-living your life from 20-plus years ago via magnetic recording tape. It's a living time capsule, not just of what was going on in MY world, but the world in general. Basically, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

One thing is for sure: underground radio was about something a lot more innocent back in those days...it was about filling a void and entertaining people.

Not only that, but also...

In addition to sharing the progress of the Archive Project with everyone, I'll also be sharing my personal memories and artifacts from WHOT and the many things before and since...warts and all.

If you want a goofy Hollywood version of what goes on in the world of Pirate Radio, go rent "Pump Up The Volume". If you want the real thing, why not pull up a chair and browse the menu on the left. The fun has just begun!

Your humble host,

Pete "Music" Sayek!

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